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Four Legged Child

We've always wanted to get a dog and always thought that as my other half does a lot of shooting that we would probably end up with a working gun dog such as a Springer. Things didn't quite go how we thought. Sure, we have a working dog but it's a sheep dog instead.

When our landlord had a litter of Collie puppies, I was dutifully informed by my fiance Dan that one wasn't moving out and that he 'really needed' one for sheep work. Two years on and I can't fault Flip for much. She's great with the sheep and also the perfect family pet. If there was only one thing I could change it would be to stop her molting, but she can't do much about that!

I would be lying to say that she's not spoilt rotten. If you come into our house, you'll soon see the dog blanket on the sofa and the occasional dog toy rolling around. Yes, there's a basket for her toys but she's made a game of taking them all straight back out again!